Friday, January 11, 2008

Google Checkout vs. Yahoo PayPal Program

Google started the Checkout long before Yahoo recently announced Yahoo!PayPal program. Which is better? Google will end the free credit card processing 1/31/08 while Yahoo is offering free PayPal processing through June 30, 2008. Do you have any idea how the 2 internet giants are competing against each other?

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I Frogee said...

Personally I like Google better than Yahoo, reasons:

1) Google search is much public, Google index web pages much frequently than Yahoo. Many of our new Wholesale Store pages are properly indexed by Google, but can’t find them at Yahoo.

2) Google offers FREE product submit while Yahoo asks for PPC(pay-per-click).

3) For webmasters, Google offers more useful tools than Yahoo(as far as I know).

Hope we can benifit from their competition. At least, Yahoo will offer the free fee PayPal till 6/30/08 only if you have paid for the Yahoo Sponsor Search.

What do you think?